I watched this video. It was kind of long, about 9 minutes. It wasn’t about my religion, my culture, my way of life, my beliefs: two young couple who have not even held hands were getting married for life. And they live in the USA.

We know the odds. We know the statistics. We know the psychology. We know from our own life’s experience about compatibility, getting to know each other, sexual chemistry.

Yet this video clip is compelling watching.

Just because it is different, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work, that it is wrong, that it is pathetic. People are very often quick to criticise and judge others, simply because what they practice is different.  But there is beauty in others’ way of life too….and perhaps even wisdom that is hidden from our eyes because we are so used to looking at things in a certain way.

Watch it, and be enchanted by this young couple’s love story. Even my cynical partner was ❤