* Warning: this is a religious post*

My parish priest in Phuket is also the secretary to the bishop, and he regularly spends time in Surat Thani, another province where the bishop is based, doing his administrative duties. Last Saturday (yesterday), he left Surat Thani for Phuket earlier than normal because he had to drop off one of the sisters. As he was sitting in the airport, the caretaker of our church in Phuket called him: a family had showed up at the church, requesting the parish priest to perform the rites on their family member (aged 28) who had died unexpectedly. They needed a priest in a hurry, so that they could take him home a long way away.

The caretaker had advised them that the nearest available priest is in the church’s novitiate in Phuket Town, but they were concerned about the lack of time for them to travel to Phuket Town to fetch a priest to the hospital on this part of the island.

Anyway, my parish priest told the family to wait for him in the hospital. He would go there straight from the airport. And in a beautiful moment, they all arrived together at the hospital, bumping into each other at the entrance. The young man was given his last blessing, his coffin then sealed and he was taken home that very same day by his family, a place far from where he breathed his last.

Maybe there is no God (and maybe you are right), but isn’t there something just so beautiful in how things came together in this incidence, like magic? Look back in your lives to all those moments where incredible things like this happened, that we call “coincidences”. And be lifted by their poignant beauty that exist in the world of possibilities.

Have a lovely week ahead ❤