I have a girl pal who is always tired and defeated by the challenges of her (easy) life. Being very close to her, I can see why: she talks constantly about being tired and busy.

And so, her life becomes tired and busy.

Similarly, I knew the most charming raconteur ever.  He was warm, engaging, self-deprecatory and you begin to wonder why he had so many failed relationships behind him, seemingly the fault of all his exes who were either crazy or cheated on him. They were all the guilty party, in every single case, and when pushed, he was never in the wrongdoer. And needless to say, the trend continues…..

Increasingly, science is telling us that WE create our own futures: what our futures feels like is the creation of our subjective minds. If you think and believe deeply that you are tired and busy, so too will you be tired and busy.  If you keep on thinking that your partners are the wrongdoers in your relationships, so too will you go on blaming instead of looking honestly at yourself and admitting to your less-than-pleasant behaviour.

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New Scientist‘s feature this week is on consciousness:

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Consciousness is a very complicated area of scientific research but from what I have experienced in my life, I know this: if you really believe and want something strongly and consistently enough, it becomes your reality. Because life seems to work this way, through the endless threads of the Higgs field that permeate the whole universe and the invisible particles that build our material reality. Our words and thoughts are packets of energy (a scientifically verified fact) and because the whole world as you know it is built from energy at its most fundamental level, what you say and what you think ultimately affects how your future is shaped.

My late mother-in-law had a tough life. Born to an elderly migrant mother who went blind when my mother-in-law was 11, she (my MiL) spent her whole life caring for others.  Her first fiance was killed in the war and she counted herself extremely blessed when my late father-in-law proposed. They were what we would call hard-core poor: my father-in-law had to work in three jobs just to keep the family clothed and fed.

Yet my mother-in-law was a joyous person. She was known for her large family parties, and I feel blessed to have been part of her “rich” life. The war years were difficult, her father died when she was 16 and she worked long hours as a cleaner (taking her small children to work with her).  But Mum lived like a rich person and was never in debt: she could make very little stretch a long way: tinned tuna, eggs in salad, Yorkshire puddings (made of batter and eggs) to feed the whole extended family and more.  So yes, she was poor, but as she once told me, “My wealth is in the family, Jac” and she thoroughly believed herself to be rich and never told a sad story about her life.

I came across this great article which made me think about my mother-in-law, about eating well for very little. Click here to read more.

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