A couple of days ago, I wrote about the power of our consciousness in shaping our future (article here). In recent years, intense scientific research in this area had shown us that the more we know, the further away we move away from “hard science: (Newtonian physics) into the realm of magic and beauty.

New Scientist’s current edition features consciousness…..and there is much magic and beauty to be found within what we know as “life”, that we perhaps take for granted as we rush about with our daily timetable, not taking the time to appreciate what that exists in our practical existence.

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There was once a boy who travelled halfway across the world to escape his demons. Along the way, he threw himself wholly into his work and physical exploits to further turbocharge his escape.  And thousands of miles from home, he met a girl who did not want to run away. She was also not free. He wasn’t her type anyway. But the boy believed they were meant for one another. And so, he stopped running. But he couldn’t force the girl to be his because her will was stronger than his. Instead, he did the three things that he was able to: (1) he became her steadfast, loyal and faithful friend, (2) he began journeying inwards to understand himself and life (article here), and (3) he began praying fervently to the mysterious forces of life. And one day, years later and the girl was now free and the waters have settled between them, she turned around one day and saw him with new eyes. “Oh, it’s you,” she said in surprise, and then, with sweet realisation, “You’ve always been here, haven’t you? I just didn’t see.”