A few nights ago, before I left London, I had drinks in a out of the way pub (in Island Gardens, Isle of Dogs) with a couple of friends. The pub was raucous and noisy, but we managed to find a quiet spot in the back room by the fireplace that was aglow with warm light on this cold winter’s night.

My friend, a tall handsome man, almost 40 years old with pale skin and soulful dark eyes, leaned forward and told me, “I have waited 2 years for this….”

He had waited for 2 years for he and his partner to finally live in the same city at long last: they had been commuting between two countries keeping their love alive. In the last 10 years there had been challenges for them but they came through strong and it melted my heart. They are both young and beautiful, the temptations must have been there, especially in the hardships of being true to each other in this instant gratification culture; they “stayed on the programme” (my partner’s favourite phrase), and believed in a 10-year-old vision of being together forever.

I looked at him and thought, if things were different, this would be a man I would choose for myself, one who has staying power, who knows how to nurture a dream and has the strength to stay committed when things don’t go to plan. He has such inner beauty from his fierce conviction and lyricism from the love in his heart.

 In appreciation of another’s good fortune ❤