That’s the philosophy behind our givings. Pay it forward.

Everything has a price these days, including friendship. Especially time. People expect something back when they give. Or you expect them to expect something back. This price-for-everything way of thinking feeds the siege mentality.

We want to reverse that negative tide. Because life goes on AND let’s make it go on a positive way. It starts with evolving the mindset.

So here we are, giving with no price, no agenda and no expectations other than you feeling good when you receive something that we have infused with love and light FOR FREE.

We don’t have any corporate sponsors yet. We are funding the lifeGO givings out of our own (shallow) pockets. Therefore, though those givings are free to UK addresses, we ask for the postage to international addresses – until we get corporate sponsors (thus, please help us by following this blog as numbers count). – Note this is not a scam, we will only ask you to send postage payment once we have confirmed that the gift is yours and we will email proof of posting to you as receipt for your postage.

All you have to do is send us a positive message and a selfie that we will put on this blog to inspire others to be positive too. Join us to start a Culture of Kindness and an Attitude of Gratitude.

YOU are part of the evolution. Hugs.