This is our first giving, and we are very excited about it! We intend to grow and grow, so that we can encourage corporate sponsors to step in and help us build this culture of FEELGOOD GIVING.

We infuse everything we send out with love and lots of healing energy, specially for you.

Unfortunately, right now, we do not have any corporate sponsors and we are funding this from our own (shallow) pockets. All the gifts are free to UK addresses, but for international addresses, we ask you to contribute to the postage.

Closing date is 1st of January 2016.


How to receive:

  1. Send us a selfie, your name (does not have to be your full name) and a positive message to share here. Tell us where you are from.
  2. Email that to, and on the subject heading, write down the code of the stuff you would like to receive.
  3. We randomly draw names out on 1st of January 2016.
  4. If your name is picked, we will send you an email.
  5. Have a good day, folks – LOVE.


CODE 1: Cute wooly hat.

I love this decadent, vintage-look hat!!! It’s just so warm and cute!! Should fit all head sizes.  UK: Free postage/ International: £8.95


CODE 2: Chunky-knit long scarf

This scarf (from Gap) is so cosy! It has silver bits in it. UK: Free postage/ International: £12.90

Photo on 12-23-15 at 13.04 #2

CODE 3: My much-loved gym jacket.

This jacket is very special to me because it has been through good times and bad times with me. I wear it to motivate myself to get out there to run or to go to the gym on those cold wet winter mornings.  Wear it with my love and blessings always. UK: Free postage/ International: £15.90

Photo on 12-23-15 at 13.11 #3

CODE 4: Sun Yoga Children Yoga DVD and a CD of children’s yoga songs.

IMG_0026 copy

I write a lot about kindness in parenting. Often, it is the lack of time instead of lack of love, that blights modern parenting. So this DVD and CD is an opportunity to spend some previous time with your child bonding with each other. UK: Free postage/ International: £9.95

CODE 5: Karen Millen gold boob tube (size 10)


Wear if you dare!!!. UK: Free postage/ International: Free too!

Stay tuned! We’ll be loading some really hot Karen Millen outfits and zebra boots here SOON to make you FEELGOOD about your gorgeous self! We’ll be adding stuff here.

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