It’s hard work, but it ain’t all boring!!! It’s about being fired up in every single aspect of your life!!!

One of my personal goals for next year is to continue stepping out of my comfort zone in order to do and discover things I normally would not do.
Setting up on point and now is given me confidence and a real positive buzz for 2016 .

Boxing day dancing

I didn’t plan to go out. My friend had a spare ticket as one of her friends couldn’t go. So I decided to join my sister and my 3 friends for a fun night out of dancing and laughter.

I am so glad I decided to go I feel as if I danced all my worries, fears, and anxiety away. The venue was filled with a nice mixed crowd age 30+ all with dancing in mind! I woke up feeling better for the night out (apart from very sore feet), caused by 6 hours of dancing…well worth it though. As the saying goes “when the music hits you feel no pain” .

Also a great way to work off the Christmas over-eating!

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Bank holiday cycling

Today to celebrate our anniversary of meeting each other, my husband decided that it would be fun to take Boris bike and go for a bike ride along the river Thames.

I first thought I can’t be bothered then a quickly changed my mind and thought this is something different, as I for one have not been on a bike for over 5 years, plus the weather was quite nice too. I slipped on my gym gear (no make up), and off we went.

After quite a wobbly start and several seat height adjustments I actually was not too bad.

We cycled from Battersea riverside, through to Chelsea then around Battersea Park. We cycled for almost 2 hours in total. I felt great afterwards and certainly will be cycling again; however, am not brave enough yet to cycle on the main road.

I think I have earned the right to eat the carrot cup cakes my mother-in-law has baked!

We were going to go to South Bank with our daughter, but she fell asleep so we decided to get a takeaway (more naughty food) and came back home to chill out.

club pic 2

29th December 2015

Today, my daughter and her father have gone to my in-laws’ house in North London.  It’s still the festive season, and I would rather go, of course.  If I was an employee, I would probably have taken the day off. But being an entrepreneur, I am at the office with Jac!  And that’s it with working for oneself – you have to pull your weight. But loving’ it!! We have enjoyed ourselves today 🙂

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