I always make fun of Anna (in the nicest possible way). To all intents and purposes, I am a white girl on the inside – like a banana, I am yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

We white girls don’t really bovver to dress up and put da lipstick on once we are past 25 and have dem babies.  For Anna, to go cycling in Battersea Park without make-up and the possibility of rain was a big deal – she chronicled it here. I was like, is it really that important??? I go without make-up everyday and my hair gets wet almost every day in rainy London when I go for my evening runs. For me, it is news when I put make-up on, because it means I am up-to-no-good.

Anyway, despite being a busy working mother, Anna still finds time to go to the nail bar. I rolled my eyes.

Then she told me, as she was sitting in the nail bar, she got talking to the lady sitting beside her. Very soon, they were chatting animatedly to each other, as if they have been friends for years. As it turned out, Anna’s new friend had rented properties and bingo! A potential client for her company On Point.

All because of bloody nails.

So I guess these are the lessons: (1) you really need to be OUT THERE to get your business going. (2) You have to be likeable and friendly (because you are your business card). (3) And above all, you have to be passionate about your business because you have to infect people with your enthusiasm.

I am about lifeGO.me!!!!

When we are settled a bit, Anna will be setting up a Skype networking group here. Am looking forward to welcoming you all into OUR space, because remember, it is YOURS too!