One of lifelong afflictions of medical doctors and scientists as the result of our University training is that we always subconsciously seek quantitative proofs before we fully embrace a concept, however common sensical a concept is.  Thus, this 78 year study from Harvard is doubly convincing as it makes sense as well as bear the hallmark of a credible piece of research that is common sensical as well.

Way back in 1938, Harvard University recruited 700 men and over the 78 year period, a succession of researchers studied these men thoroughly, examining the minutiae of their lives ranging from interviewing them in their own homes and seeing how they talk to their wives to obtaining their medical records to following their careers to asking them about their deepest thoughts.

A very clear picture emerged over the decades: the most important factor for a happy and fulfilled life is having a good relationship with one’s wife.  A good life is built from a good relationship with a good wife. Irrespective of social class or career success, a man is happiest and healthiest if he has a good relationship with his wife.

This strong and consistent message emerged though many of these men began by saying that wealth and fame were what they valued most in their 20s.  As they matured, they realised that the experience of loneliness or being in a high-conflict relationship is TOXIC and bad for health.

The subjects of this study further expounded that as they age, they began to value the warmth of a protective relationship with a spouse they can count on.  Even if the relationship is not perfect (arguments) the message is that THERE IS NO QUICK FIX but with a good woman on your side, you sign off from this life as a happy and fulfilled man.

700 men over a 78 year period said this – what a loud and powerful message. So my dear men, do take a good look at the women standing by your side. She might not be perfect, she might not be what  you wanted, but if she is there loving you, then she is your ticket to a happy and healthy life. Cherish her always.