I saw a photograph today on the Grow Food, Not Lawns website that stopped me in my tracks.  It was the photograph of an artichoke flower.  Though I love eating artichokes (just boil and then drench in butter), I have never seen an artichoke flower before. To be honest,  I didn’t even know artichoke has flowers.

But this is what it looks like:


This photograph is particularly poignant to me as I have just finished reading an email from a 39 year old mother of three whom I have never met, who felt compelled to write to me to unburden the sadness from her heart. She felt old and used, that beyond her use serving an unappreciative family, there is no purpose to her life.

After seeing this photograph, I replied:

“Do you know artichokes have flowers like this? I didn’t until I felt my Inner Being dying in November 2015. I too had unconsciously drifted into becoming functional. Yes, slowly I was dying inside and then I began to dance back to life. It started simple enough – I just began by running slowly along the Thames on cold winter evenings. Slowly, painfully, and then the joy came back. I saw some close friends a couple weeks ago, and they were all unanimous in one thing: I have changed, I have become joyous again. They could sense happiness radiating from me. And you know what, I am still recovering, I am not there yet. My best is yet to come. So is yours.”

No, you don’t have to be the perfect spouse, the perfect parent. All you have to be is yourself and allow your Inner Being to bloom.

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