Until I set up my own business I could not see nor fully understand the purpose of networking. I got this completely wrong. The beauty of learning and stepping out of your comfort zone truly opens the mind.

I am exposed to a different way of generating potential clients and learning more about business and the property industry by other professionals and guest speakers. I have joined 3 networking groups that I actually look forward to attending. One of the groups meet at 6.45am every Wednesday. The other two groups meet once a month 7-9.30pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Dedication is required and not turning can be seen as you not being reliable in your profession.

The surprise real bonus is how uplifting I feel after a meeting, sometimes I need that extra boost especially if I have had a very challenging week or simply needing a bit of inspiration and motivation. Entrepreneurial life can be a lonely journey at times.

It is quite refreshing to meet a group of like minded people who recongise my journey as an entrepreneur and can share their experience …..