It’s Lent, so no meat for us for 40 days. I made this rich, healthy and delicious vegetable soup using the bits I bought from my local market stall in Phuket. I used pumpkin for that rich base, and with these gorgeous red tomatoes and garlic, you can’t go wrong with the taste.

vegetable soup.JPG

It costs less than GBP 1 for a big pot that feeds my whole family – I used my Wonderbag so minimal electricity/gas was used to cook this yummy soup.


Firstly, I sautéed the garlic and onions in olive oil. I then add the vegetables and dried herbs (oregano, thyme, bay). Then I added the chopped veggies and water. Towards the end of cooking time, I added a splash of red wine (Okaaaay!) and seasoned.


Some of the things you could do with this:

  1. Blend with cream for a delicious creamy smooth soup.
  2. Add some rice and cook until the rice softens for an Asian porridge.
  3. Freeze to use as base.
  4. Eat as it is with crusty bread. 

Many people wrote in to ask, just vegetables and water? Won’t it taste like vegetable water? Not at all.  Softened pumpkin, tomatoes and garlic lightly mashed in with the wooden spoon and a drizzle of olive oil gives you this rich broth. Tasty!