Scientists are in the habit of saying what we already know innately but somehow, folks used to believe these ancient wisdoms more when it comes out of universities.  This latest one is on how to be happy, and as no animals were harmed in the study, I am all for it.

From Emma Sepalla, science director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, here are the six things that make us both happy and successful:

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The points that struck a chord in me:

  • ‘We’re actually most creative when we’re not focused — there’s neuroscience behind this. Really successful, creative people make time for idleness and take time completely off the grid.’ – yeah, I see quite a few train wrecks, faster, faster, faster, rushing off on the road to nowhere whilst the important things at home fall apart; never stop to love and take care of the good things/people in life because of being “too busy”. My children’s father had always taken time out to do nothing with his children, and financially as well as career-wise, he is better off than a lot of his peers;


  • ‘Work addiction — unlike addictions involving alcohol or other substances — is rewarded by our culture (with promotions, bonuses, praise, awards, and so on) and therefore considered a good thing despite its long-term negative impact on well-being,’ – yes, careers come to an end, what have you got then? My soul mate is a Professor and a practising heart surgeon, but in his down time, he is just my Tyson Fury, eating cheap food on the beach and watching sunsets holding my hand;
  • Always having your mind one step ahead of your actions, will actually keep ‘you from the very success you are chasing’ – happiness is in the here and now.
  • Meditation – many scientific research to prove that.
  • KINDNESS – I’ve been saying this all along. Some of the unhappiest people I know are the unkindest. If you practice kindness in your thoughts, words and actions, amazing things will happen. That I can promise you.

That’s me being very happy a week ago after hearing the news that my soulmate successfully repaired the heart of a six week old baby girl with Down Syndrome. I no longer practice, but I am responsible for him going off-grid, for supporting him energetically from home and for loving him through his difficult days – we share success as equally as happiness BIG SMILE.

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