My daughter G and I had this discussion. As you know, she is the beneficiary of this parenting book. She has been saving up for her University in case she does not get a scholarship to the University she wants. And as you know, she is very money-faced. But she’s suggested giving this parenting book away for FREE for a day.


She is so much loved by the friends we made in cyberspace. I just had to post a one-liner that she has been injured and within minutes, hundreds of concern messages flood in. She is very touched by that. 97% of my Facebook friends are mothers who follow her growing up years. We are almost like a family – the outsiders don’t understand my social media engagements, but here it is, we are a family held together by G. The first book (given for free with Easy Parenting for All Ages) has EIGHTEEN PARENTS FROM MALAYSIA contributing to this book. And for that reason, it is a beautiful book.

So for 24 hours, this book is available for download for free on 4th May. Please click here. You don’t even need Kindle. Just download the free app. Please share, OK, so that as many people as possible will have a free copy. As a thank you from my daughter and I xxx

(Note: list price is U$3.99. Come back on the 4th and it should be free download then. Apologies, I am totally new at this)

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