I blog in earnest after recovering from my third bout of cancer (if you read the welcome page of this blog, you will get the idea about its intention). I started it with Anna and Vicky, though I am the one with a passion for writing.

For years, I have written about parenting because it is my passion. It is also the only thing I do very well. But as life evolves and as I learn more, I began writing about other topics. The writing is always in the spirit of the lessons I have learned, rather than gaining ‘fans’ and becoming a ‘blogging star’.  Of course, there is this  unwelcome curiosity about the minutiae of my  personal life and I would point those readers to the Kardashian family and others whose job and income are dependent on their million of fans, and who work to publicise their lives.  They lead the colourful lives in the spotlight.

I, the housewife and fledgling writer, write for a small band of people like these:

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I am surprised that my musings (writing clears my head) has found a place in many people’s hearts. It is not uncommon that I have over 1 million hits:

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Of course there are the gawkers and the haters, but I also have an interesting readers whose blogs I enjoy reading 🙂


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And then one day last week, I received a strange email in response to my post about being in lust. The sender of the email said, “Are you familiar with the work of Anais Nin? You write very much like her.”

I said yes.

She said she had read every post on my book blog (www.catchinginfinity.com). And then to my utmost surprise, she asked me if I would be interested in writing an erotic novella for her that she will pay me for. She will pay me (very well, a sum that I cannot quibble with) for a 50,000 word novella that I relinquish all rights to. She would own the copyright and I would not be able to publish it anywhere, in parts or in whole.

I was intrigued. “Are you going to publish it under your own name?” Like ghost-writing?

“No, I’m a private collector.”

I was completely, completely intrigued. My cynical friends think that she will publish it as soon as my novel Catching Infinity makes big time, but whatever, the money was duly deposited into my account. It is for real and I began writing, with some help from my soul-mate who is full of sexual fire, erotic teasing and English humour.

Why did it intrigue me? One of the edgiest writers of our time is Anais Nin. At that time, her writing was considered scandalous in the explicitness of the sexual content, so she wrote for private collectors. I didn’t think private collectors exist anymore, but apparently, they do and I have been called to their world. I am excited.

“The big, nasty villain crept up behind the damsel…” he began.

“….She turned around, overpowered him and then she ravished him right there under the hot tropical skies, his body pushed into the lush emerald grass, birds singing above them dulling out the screams of his ecstasy.” I continued. And the story begins (not).

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