Things come and go like trends. Remember aerobics (with leotards, leggings and leg warmers)? Who does aerobics these days??? Then yoga, then pilates.  Another thread: mindful meditation, then colouring books for adults. Now is the time for hygge.  It’s a Danish word for – according to google – enjoying life. In English: cosiness. Family. Friends. Simple pleasures. It’s about making homes nicer and people happier. You can read about it here Why is it so important? From happy little units grow happy whole countries and Denmark, where this concept comes from, is ranked one of the happiest countries in the world.

My Ma had diligently taught us hygge (don’t know if there is a Welsh word for it). I can’t help but to export it.  Here’s my recent hygge ❤

It starts with making sun-dried tomatoes the natural way.  These taste wonderful, with a coating of Mediterranean sea salt. The only problem was stopping the seagulls from stealing them.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, just food prepared with love and shared with family and friends. Memories of another beautiful day, a collection that makes up LIFE <3.

And this is hygge, no translation really, you just have to create it, experience it. And that, my dear folks, is my life’s work.