When my children were young, I used to take them walking in the cemetery near our house in Chorlton, Manchester.  The children loved it, learning how to read the names on the tombstones and picking wildflowers to put on forgotten graves.  Thus, one of my favourite places in London is the Brompton Cemetery.  It is just around the corner from where my children now live, a peaceful haven in the middle of Central London.

Once you enter the gates, you will feel like you are entering another world. In summer, the air is perfumed with flowers (honeysuckle, I think) and much of the land is covered with colourful wild flowers. It is so peaceful here, so beautiful. And the names on the tombstones make fascinating reading.  Brompton Cemetery is steeped in history.  For a list of important figures in history who are buried in this cemetery click here.

There are also many things happening in Brompton Cemetery. Click here.

So when you have a spare moment in London next, I do urge you to come here, enjoy the beauty and consider your mortality.