Places are often more evocative of the people we associate with the place than photographs or words. Probably because when you are in a place, you immerse yourself completely in the three-dimensional space, rather than 1_D memories.

For me, this special road in Knightsbridge brings such a longing for the two people I associate most with this place: Irakli and my late friend Eva. Separately, I have spent many precious moments with both here, for the wildly expensive but highly individualistic boutiques that Eva favoured, hairdressers, manicurists and of course, my favourite all-nighter, Marousch where you can find the best non-alcoholic drink in all of London. Just ask for the fruit cocktail. Sit at the kitsch bar in front. Watch life go by. Or have coffee at Caffe Concerto at the end of the road. Soak the vibe. If you are bored, you can always pop up to Harrods a stone’s throw away.

So yesterday, when I had 30 minutes before I met my partner for lunch, I sneaked off here, guiltily hoping against all odds for a glimpse of those two dear people who walked these streets with me, remembering them and wishing them well ❤

So next time, just don’t go to Harrods. Explore the neighbourhood around it.