I am a Portsmouth girl, so by an unwritten law, I am prejudiced against Southampton. The rivalry between the two towns is fierce, especially when it comes to football.  We in Portsmouth call them Scummers. In my day, my home university was Southampton (there was no university in Portsmouth then, only a polytechnic) and though Southampton gave me an unconditional offer, I did not take up my place at the University. I went to Manchester instead.

Imagine my horror when my son Kit chose Southampton to do both his bachelor and masters degrees in Electronic Engineering. He won a scholarship from the Royal Navy, and Southampton has a good reputation for engineering sciences. A few years into his first job, he bought his first house in Southampton. He is currently working in Scotland, and flies home from Edinburgh every fortnight.  His house is only a 30 minute JOG to and from the airport.

Today, my children’s father and I were waiting to pick our older daughter up from Southampton station.  It is linked to the airport (about 20 metres away). Whilst waiting for her, we took a short 10 minute drive to the river and had a beautiful walk. Yes, amazing. All this so close to the airport, railway station and city. Not such a bad place after all, and that is a high compliment coming from a Portsmouth girl.