I don’t know of many places in the world where wild ponies roam freely amongst humans. I love these ponies.  My younger brother and I used to try to catch them whilst our parents were preoccupied with mushroom-picking. I have ridden a few in my time. Watch out though, they bite and kick!

The first time we took our children camping in the New Forest, they stared with wonder in their eyes and mouths wide open when about 50 wild ponies streamed past our tent first thing in the morning. It was something very magical for them and that magic never really left them.

Great to be back. If you are looking for ponies, there are lots of them around Hatchet Pond and Balmer Lawn. These are lovely camping spots and there are also country hotels nearby if you prefer. Anyhow, it is lovely to picnic here for an afternoon by the water and enjoy these gorgeous residents of the New Forest.







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