I am a firm believer in moderation, everything in moderation. So it might sound strange, but if any of my kids spend too much time reading, I would kick them out into the garden or get them to do something else.

Reading is all very good for imparting knowledge, and it is said that you can travel through time and space through books, but I always advocate balance. Too much time spent in the head is not healthy. I know many adults who are very successful professionals but are totally clueless about their own bodies. They have ZERO relationship with their own bodies. Taking antibiotics instead of figuring out what’s wrong.  Having sex instead of making love.  Ignoring the body’s cries for help.

The human body is alive.  It is teeming with life. We must love it rather that just do the basic minimum to maintain its functionality, as a lot of people do: clean, refuel, empty tanks, repeat. Even sex falls into one of those categories.

Love your body, listen to it.  Many people abandon meditation after a few tries because they do not see the immediate benefit – we live in a fast, fast society where people expect gain immediately. But try controlling a whole country, try to get a whole country united and working for one vision.  Because that is how complex the human body is.

So much is going on inside us, unseen.  But it is not often we stop chasing to turn our eyes inwards to look down to our own spines and up to our own minds.  Many of the ills we see in the modern world is because we as a race have become disconnected from their own bodies, relying on modern medical science to keep us alive and not understanding why life and love don’t work as they should. if you understand the human body, you will understand why. Until we know, understand and fall in love with ourselves, we have not progressed at all.

These are the two books my sixteen year old is reading, and I strongly recommend them to all. She is so into these books that she underlined bits of the text 🙂