It’s hard work, starting something new. My partner has to nag me – to go for my run to maintain my physical fitness, to do my writing course assignment, to hang out with other writers (boring), to sign up for relevant short courses, amongst other things. He even goes hunting for mythical creatures in the South Downs with me (for my second novel) and reads what I write after a long day’s work, despite occasional abuse from me.  I wrote about it here.

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It’s the same in the business world, if you are starting a new business.  My Bumblebee sisters have reached self-sustainability in their business, On Point, after less than a year, starting with nothing. And people were telling us then, economy is tough, how are you going to make money, bad time to start a business, you have to do A, B, C, etc. We know a few people who were too scared to start, who are still imprisoned. Yes, you have to be realistic (do read our Entrepreneurship series), yes you need three key ingredients, but remember, you only have one life. Try it!

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We are all learning, and sharing something very important with you: the first rule of entrepreneurship is looking after yourself. Vicky picked up a cheque for her hard work and she bought us all lunch !!!! (before Anna had to dash off to check out some property, despite the train strike).


Join us for our three-day workshop on women’s entrepreneurship in Phuket (scheduled for January 2017). I can tell you this, Bumbebee Movement’s  entrepreneurship will be different.  Watch this space!

PS. I love being with Anna and Vicky during their work day because they are buzzing with energy and are so focused! And they get new leads all the time that potentially leads to real cash 🙂