My daughter G plays football at a very high level. She has it in her to be a professional player, but in two years time, it is likely that she will begin her studies to be a doctor.  Maybe she will never play football again except for fun.

How do we feel about it?

We have invested so much into her football. We moved countries because of her football. Her father left his employment to move to another country because of her football. We have spent so much of our own money following her round the world because of her football. Of course we would like her to play professional football, after all our investments.

But even if she never kicks a ball in her life ever again, she has learned invaluable things from her time as a high level footballer. One of the things she learned is this:

She is a striker.  Even after she scores a goal, she would run towards the net to make sure that she has scored.  If she doesn’t, she would hear her coaches bellowing from the sidelines, “CHASE IT IN!!!” Because sometimes, the ball rebounds back. Because sometimes what you thought was a goal initially was not – so you have to chase it and score a second one just in case.

‘Chase it in’ has taught her to complete something with 100% focus even after the finishing line. The play is not over yet.


I have known many people who make the effort in the beginning, but when they think they have it in their hands, they stop.  Like in personal relationships and in careers. Life is not about ticking boxes and move on to the next thing quickly. Be it football, personal relationships or careers, it is all about doing the things we do well and with 100% focus long after the win.

Thank you, Cruzeiro Academy, for teaching my daughter life skills.