On the whole, my life does not change that much. The foundations always remain the same, and for that, I am grateful … and glad. This foundations that I talk about, they are neither exciting nor glamorous, but they form the building blocks of a very sweet and happy life indeed.

Wherever I may travel to, I always come back here, to Still & West in Old Portsmouth. I’ve been coming since I was a teen, before I was legally old enough to drink alcohol. That’s going back over thirty years ago, and I can testify, nothing has changed much here, too. In recent years, the Gunwharf development have gentrified the dock areas of Portsmouth as have the historical dockyards. Now, there is plenty to do and see in this area.

I’ve brought boyfriends and visitors here over the years, the people that I am eager to share my little hometown with. Really, it is not as glamorous as London but nonetheless it is some place I call home.

Reasons why you should come here for a drink include amazing views, good beer, traditional food (fish and chips!), and you get the real Portsmouth vibe here.