IMG_7561.JPGI am partial to the full English fry-up. If anything, my love of the full English is largely for the emotional factor, as my father always makes breakfast on Sundays whenever he is home. But a full complement is a lot of hassle to make. I’d settle for a bacon sarnie.

This is a simple English breakfast for the ridiculously cheap £2.99 at a pub in Southampton by the River Itchen.  Anyway, can’t eat that everyday.

I was making Bircher muesli late last night, chopping fruits at 10pm and my partner commented, “Why? You can get muesli straight out of a box.”

I reminded him that most shop-bought, ready-to-serve muesli is high in sugar content (read the back of packets first!) and expensive.  This version, so simple to make, is cheap and healthy. I just chop up lots of fruits (berries and raisins lend themselves well to this recipe) and  add this to milk to soak organic oats in overnight. The next morning, just before serving, I add nuts and seeds. Try, ya?


Dit geeft energie! This gives you energy!