There are two stray dogs on my street. Well, in Thailand, they are called soi dogs, meaning street dogs.  People take care of them communally and there is even a foundation that my children’s school supports that takes care of sick and old soi dogs. Check out the Soi Dogs Foundation here.

Now, back to the two soi dogs on our street. One is a fluffy white female shaggy dog with a happy smiley face.  The other is a cowed black male with a sad face. Shaggy has better fortune and a much better life, of course. Ah, goes to show how you look at life affects your life, even when it comes to dogs.


My daughter and her father adore Shaggy; they are always fussing over her when she feels like popping over to our house. The French couple up the road even bought a sleeping basket lined with cushions for Shaggy.  I have seen her riding off in their car. But Shaggy is always busy.  Call her and she often ignores you because she has so many other options.

But Blackie, on the other hand, slinks around in the shadows with his sad face. I notice, he is more devoted to us than Shaggy. My daughter would call and call, and Shaggy would pretend not to hear her, whereas Blackie is always grateful even for just a kind word.

Now, isn’t this the case with human beings too? This photo from Heart Centered Rebalancing says it:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.46.07.png

This was a good reminder to me to look with love at he who is beside me all the time. We fight about the Strandbeesten (for my second novel) amongst other things, but he stands by my side in every moment, so loyally and stoically, and that is surely the real value of life rather than exciting stuff and flashy promises. This drawing is for him, dedicated to the times he was with me hunting the Strandbeesten. Like the Strandbeesten, he is big, hulking, and without that much finesse.  He is made of many different parts from his eventful life, and some of his edges are sharp and no longer shiny. But he is like beast, strong, indomitable and never gives up.  Hardship is same-same to him, it doesn’t daunt him, as he walks by my side day by day stoically, never giving up on me. My task is to embrace all of him, including the jagged parts, because love is a construction, not an emotion.