About three weeks ago, I met the friend of a friend. He was German, an accountant, and in his forties. Forgive me for stereotyping, but I sighed. I was not expecting someone who turned out to be fun, erudite and a wonderful company. This man had gone from working in a big corporate company to driving a Uber taxi and renting out two bedrooms in his house via Airbnb. I was fascinated!  He wasn’t terribly bothered that the airline lost his luggage at the end of his five-week holiday. He didn’t make a drama out of it at all, and nor was he nasty to the airline staff he was on the phone to. Instead, we stopped for food and laughed like old friends.

I think there is a lot of positives from stepping out of a narrow corporate career for a breather….and it takes guts to break out of a safe world. But I think, though I am not an expert, that there are more initiatives now to welcome returnees. My friend Priska is returning to work shortly – accountant! – after a career break, back to her old firm. I think that break gave her a new perspective altogether.

I don’t think I will ever go back to work, but never say never. I love where I am in life right now too much, but who knows. Right now, my passion is living, writing, beach, cooking.

But whilst talking to my friend Kai about this, he said that he, who loves cooking, has signed up to be a host. A cooking host! Oh wow. I offered to send him my recipes 🙂  So here’s an idea for those of you who love cooking  – my other half has told me he will throw me out of his house if I do this 🙂  He won’t even allow me to rent out our spare rooms but if you live with someone more tolerant, try this. It could be fun!

PS: Or set up a supper club. It is really big in the UK.

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