Within walking distance from the sweet ‘book street’ (see this post) in Ho Chi Minh City is a place that I would highly recommend.  It is well-worth a visit, especially given that it is a pleasant evening stroll through the attractive city to get here: Quan An Ngon, 138 Nam Khi Khoi, Nghia Street, District 1.  Basically, it is local food stalls housed in a  lovely colonial buildings, and what a lovely place to sit out for dinner …. great ambiance, hygienic food, reasonable prices.





Inspired, I came home and made this rice porridge:

Using homemade fish stock, added washed rice to the stock and cook until the rice is tender. You might want to dilute the rice down because the porridge is meant to be bland. I also added an egg into the cooked porridge.  To serve, I added finely julienned ginger, chopped spring onions and sliced red chilli. Drizzle with Braggs (soy sauce equivalent) and sesame oil, and season to taste. Just perfect for a rainy night at home ❤