A few weeks ago, I was in Ho Chi Minh City and stumbled on a sweet little street lined with pop-up little bookshops. I was in seventh heaven. I wrote about it here.

I plonked myself down at the book cafe, ordered Vietnamese coffee and spent a blissful hour browsing through beautiful Vietnamese books though I do not speak or read the language. The books are beautiful and they appealed to me so.


My partner, who is not a bookworm like I, wandered off.

Today, I came across these lovely photos of Book Street in his phone. I was blown-away, by his thoughtfulness and also by the memory of a beautiful Sunday not that long ago in a magical city.  You see, it wasn’t magical until I came here with him, he who makes my very ordinary life extraordinary.

“I was going to print them out and mount them for you,” he said with a big smile. “You know, to hang up in our library, when we have our forever-home.”

Here, they are for you to enjoy. And do pop into Book Street if you are ever in Ho Chi Minh City and walk through the Viet evening to this lovely place for dinner that I wrote about here.