I often write with enthusiasm about entrepreneurship, though I have never been one.  My enthusiasm comes from my close connection to the Agyekum sisters, Anna and Victoria, who started On Point Property Management.  These two amazing ladies were my primary carers when I was so ill back in November, and in all honesty, their excitement, zeal and passion for their new business gave me a reason for going on.  I was swept away by their tide, and I still am. When I met up with them again in summer, their fires still burned ever-bright as they moved forwards and onwards with On Point. I was genuinely excited by what they were doing.

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But for the sake of balance, I will post this article about why entrepreneurship is not always good. Peter Fleming wrote that self-employment used to be the dream. Now it is a nightmare. You can read this article in The Guardian by clicking on this link.

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Fleming raised some very good points in his article, in a time when UK has seen a rise of a whopping 45% in self-employment since 2002. But the reality is that being self-employed, you have to pay for everything (training, for instance) and do everything. Thus, you must have the mentality of being humble and hard-working.  The future is also uncertain. Thus, you need bags of enthusiasm and more importantly, you need someone to keep the faith when yours falter.

Going by that, I can see why Vicky and Anna are successful. They are used to hard work at the ground floor level and they have each other.  It is a lonely business.

Though writing books (which I am doing) is not strictly entrepreneurship, the path is roughly the same. I work damn hard, writing 500 words everyday on unrelated topics. I write short stories under a pseudonym. I continue my long-abandoned studies in Theoretical Physics. In short, I work fiendishly hard.

And here’s the thing I found out: I would have not have made it without my partner.  Not only for the financial support but for believing in me when I feel like chucking it all in. Today, I am writing in my ‘office’ and this self-employment thing is glorious when it works.

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