I follow Mumsnet UK because it amuses me and it keeps me connected to my old world.  Today’s news which appeared in my email inbox is:

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.26.08.png

I am no fashion guru, but I must say this does not compel me to get online to order one for myself.  Perhaps because recently, a group of three friends and I have been trawling through other people’s fashion chest and coming home with great stuff on the cheap, from the so-called ‘vintage shops’.  My friend runs one and all the proceeds go to charity. As she has glamorous friends, she gets top-class goodies donated to her shop. The top is from Marc Jacobs, by the way, and the shoes had only been worn twice.  Cost: £10.


These are examples of her stock:

They are fun and funky, and does not break the bank. And perhaps more importantly, they don’t have an impact on the environment.  I hope it catches on!