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My partner and I wanted to go somewhere quiet and low-key for a special lunch date. We didn’t want to go particularly far.

My father suggested Chewton Glen and I could see my partner baulking a little though he kept quiet admirably. It’s an amazing place, but not quite what I wanted for this special lunch date:

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 15.52.53.png

(Photo above: dining room at Chewton Glen. Set lunch here is about £30 per head but drinks are pricey)

“Let’s go to the Water’s Edge in Hamble!” I said suddenly, feeling inspired.

“Where’s that? I don’t know that one,” my father said with a frown.

I reminded him where it was – in the Mercury Boatyard on the Hamble, opposite Hamble Sailing School where I learned to sail the dinghy many, many years ago. They used to have tea there whilst waiting for me.

“That shack above the chandlery?” my dad was incredulous.

Yes, that shack.  On a beautiful day, there are few places to match it.  The food is solid and reasonably priced, the views are typical Hampshire and there are lovely walks in the country for after-lunch walk. I loved our special lunch date and walking off into the hidden little country lanes (by Wessex Manor) later.

So if you are in my neck of woods and looking for somewhere sweet and ‘real’ for lunch, head for the Mercury Boatyard on the Hamble and look for the shack above the chandlery. I was so very happy here, no need for champagne ❤