I have been asked how on many occasions.

Perhaps the years at university made me rather wary and uptight about pseudo-science. Unfortunately, quantum medicine falls in this category, simply because its very principle damns it: the quantum world is highly uncertain, and fluctuates unpredictably.  Thus, it is near-impossible to get solid, rigid results especially when applied to a large body, such as the human body. The best we can verify scientifically and rigorously is quantum effects on some chlorophyll cells.

But the absence of scientific evidence is not a proof of the absence of efficacy.

It is my belief that we should seek out evidence of efficacy for ourselves. Because wellbeing and healthcare is intensely personal and you cannot simply subcontract it to paid professionals who do not know your body. The best doctor resides within you – the ones whom you pay, their job is merely to support and assist the one in you.

So here’s how you start your ‘medical training’: the three philosophies

(1) You have to learn commitment.  If you were doing a conventional medical degree at university, it takes six years of full-time study. Start something, stick to it. No time? What choice have you got? Think about it.

(2) The first thing to realise is, you don’t get healthier if you don’t take action. Eating the best food and the most expensive vitamins will not make you fitter and younger. You grow older each day, with all the infirmaries associated with old age setting in – unless you make the commitment to yourself to give your body the best maintenance you can.

(3) Get comfortable being physically uncomfortable.  Because all of life does not play out in the comfort zone. With practice, you will learn how to self-regulate. And stop scare-mongering yourself.

Once you engrave these three philosophies into your life, congratulations, you have taken the first step.

This is what I do: find your own set of exercises.

(1) I commit 9 minutes a day everyday to meditation. I do it last thing at night, sitting in bed.

(2) I run 35 ams a week. I love running up and down hills, because I feel alive when my lungs, heart and muscles are working in perfect synchronicity with nature.

(3) I do yoga several times a week. I find that my mat time enables me to listen to my body.

(4) I do something I don’t enjoy at least once a week, to take me out of my comfort zone. For me, that is boxing.

(5) I forgive. I let go. I smile for myself. Finding peace in my mind moves me towards silence, a place where I can hear myself.

(6) I connect to my soul mate deeply. I invest time in getting to know him deeply: listen to his heartbeats, know his breath and touch his fingers, the space above his upper lip, behind his ears, everywhere, in meditation, across the miles and across all time. He is my mirror, my strength, as I am his.

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