Many years ago, I bought this trio of cooking pots from a health food shop in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.  I rather surprised myself for buying them, for I have long been a devotee of Le Creuset. My 29 year old Le Creuset pot is still going strong, despite having lived through a few disasters as it travelled the world with us and nourished a generation of children with nutritious food.


But these Donabes, they grew on me.  Though not as expensive as Le Creuset, they were still relatively pricey but as someone who spends very little on fashion, I splurge on cookwares because I love them.

Here are some amazing Japanese recipes for these Japanese cooking pots:

Even the ultra-hip Gwyneth Paltrow of goop lifestyle recently featured achingly hip Donabe recipes.

beef stew 2.JPG

lemongrass 1.JPG

Recipes for the Beef stew can be found here and for the lemongrass chicken can be found here.