Her besotted father calls her Georgious Georgina, amongst other terms of endearment. He even had a coffee mug emblazoned with Georgious Georgina for his youngest child, for she is indeed gorgeous to him. I know in years to come, she will cherish all these sweet little words of her childhood.

Like I do mine.

My Welsh mum says “No star” (good night) to me every night I am home.  I miss her so much and often, the last words I think about before I fall asleep is my mum’s No star. Each time my partner says it to me, it takes me someplace beautiful in my past again. Just as the words “Cheery Bee” (Welsh for goodbye) squeeze my heart so much: in recent years, as they grow older at a seemingly faster pace, saying goodbye to my parents becomes more and more heart-wrenching, seeing my mother’s face, trying to be brave and smiling, as she says Cheery Bee.

So many words from my mum’s language. Telly welly for TV (in the world of Roald Dahl, TV is telly-telly bunkum box). Popty ding for microwave in Welsh (joke). I smile in my heart whenever I hear the words from my childhood.

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This a lovely game to play with your child: speak to each other in Dahl language.

Here’s me to my youngest child: I love you, Geebus, you make me churgle and feel all squishes.  You are my ringbeller come true. Love is truly giganticus, the greatest razztwizzler ever. May you be blessed always with its magic ❤