I currently live in Thailand. Stories of black magic abound.  Food can be charmed, I was once told, and the person who made the food could put spells in it to trap you.

I thought about it for a long moment, this black magic beliefs. Magic abounds, and in my discovery, they are rainbow-coloured, not just black. We infuse it with the energy of our interaction and intention.  In fact, I have been putting charms on my food for decades. I even wrote a book about it, The Kundalini Yoga Cookbook, which was a finalist in the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

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My partner used to be irritated by the way I put so much time and attention into the food I make.

“For goodness sake! I didn’t eat that sort of food before I met you, and I am fine, aren’t I?” He used to grouse. He did not understand, but I continued imbuing the food I make with love and healing energy. And when he fell ill, I healed him with food, not pharmaceutical medication. I made sauerkraut, full of good probiotics, but most of all, I chanted the mantra Ramadasa for healing as I made it and infused the bottle with my strong intention to heal him.

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Then yesterday, he said, “I don’t feel as good as I should. I miss your food.”

Me: “Have you been eating enough greens? Drink enough water? Enough sleep?”

He: “Yes to the above, but I miss my damned breakfast that you make!”

I laughed. A year or so ago, I had sneaked a packed breakfast into his backpack for a long cycling trip.  Halfway up a mountain road, the gooey, sticky oat and seeds porridge ran down his back. He said something rude and unmentionable, but the long and short of it was that he had to stop and wash himself off in the ocean.

I showed him my daughter’s packed breakfast this morning and he groaned longingly:

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Here are my six tips for cooking positive food:

  1. Never cook when you harbour ugly thoughts in your head. Go for a walk first, or read a beautiful book;
  2. Put your full attention into your food, transferring your intention to nourish and heal into your actions;
  3. Be mindful, especially if you are preparing meat;
  4. Use only the freshest ingredients;
  5. Play healing music in the background;
  6. Now and then, smudge your kitchen to clear it of any negative vibes.

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