For years, I listened to my children’s father read to them every night. I would listen to his words and let those words carry me somewhere magical where I began to fix small cracks within my soul. I am now a great believer in the healing power of stories. When chosen carefully, words have the power to enchant, lift, transform, comfort and convey meaning to even the youngest of listeners.


I like reading to children and making up stories for them, filling their insides up with beauty. And I find, these specially crafted stories often help children to rationalise their world.

I have a child who has Sensory Integration Disorder, which is on the autistic spectrum. The world, because of his sensory processing, is different from how it looks like for you and I. You can imagine, it can be perplexing and scary sometimes, yet we expect children with sensory processing issues to behave as if nothing is off the scale, to be ‘normal’.

Here is a story for these special children:

Igor (or your child’s name) can be a monster sometimes. Sometimes, when people make him angry, he transforms himself to a monster with a big foot. He would use his foot to kick. He would sometimes scream loudly too.


But Igor has a very special purple blanket. It was made for him specially by his mummy and daddy. For many nights when Igor slept, his mummy and daddy would make this blanket for him out of love, moonbeams and magic things. What’s special about this blanket is that nobody except Igor knows that it is special.

So, what does the special purple blanket do?

Whenever the monster roars and kicks out, all Igor has to do is to wrap himself in the blanket. He has to make himself very small, curled up like a little ball and throw the special blanket over himself.

After he’s covered himself up with a blanket, Igor has to close his eyes tight, say these magic words:

“I am,

I am,


And take 6 puffs of big breaths and 6 long, deep ones.

Tara!!!! Whenever he does these things, the monster goes away and Igor is transformed into the most wonderful unicorn. The unicorn has a soft tickly belly, red sniffly nose, large chewy ears and he wears a crown that is filled with sunny sunshine rays. Hug Igor ❤