Bone marrow is the good stuff in certain bones in our body (e.g. the hip and thigh bones), and it makes more than 200 billion new blood cells every day. It just keeps making good stuff all our lives.


Holidays and momentous occasions are like party dresses in our children’s lives, something they look back on with a smile on their faces in later years.  But what’s inside them, in their deepest core, beneath the special (and often expensive) memorable moments?

It’s how their lives were lived out everyday during their childhood. That becomes their bone marrow, creating and growing them in their future years throughout adulthood and for the rest of their lives. It becomes them, for what are human beings but a collection of our life’s experiences, memories and intangible inheritance?

It became poignantly clear to me today, thinking about my late mother-in-law. My children’s father lost his much-loved mother last year, but her legacy lives on in our children.

Mum left her grandchildren her life-savings (she was a cleaner) and something else more precious, apart from strong, beautiful genes: she, through her son, left her grandchildren a legacy of love, joy and so much sunshine. For she had instilled in her children about the importance of living each day joyously, with hearts full of love for the family, which they had faithfully passed on to their own family.

So what will our youngest – my mother-in-law’s youngest grandchild – have in her marrow?  I am sure she will remember the high times of her childhood, but what’s IN her? Daily car drives with her Dad to school, in which she chats non-stop or sings Despacito (and other “in” songs)  for 40 solid minutes. Car journeys are never silent with her, she’d chat-chat-chat, and sometimes, she’d demand, “Daaad, are you listening???”.

And coming home everyday (90% of her days, at least) to a mum who has green smoothies and snacks waiting at the door, having spats about chemistry and peaceful moments of solidarity too. Not bad to have in one’s marrow, I say, the best of simple ordinary life <3. If I could give her the world, I wouldn’t have given her anything different from our simple ordinary life.

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