This is the name of the movement that seeks to promote “Make Love, Not Porn” to fight the tide of pornographic videos and images on the net that young children are finding as soon as they get on the internet. Indeed, though life is predominantly about happiness, healing, family and food, many people land on this site using the search word “porn”. It is pervasive in modern society.

As a yogi, I strongly believe that we cannot control or change the outside world: we can only change ourselves and our reactions to a particular stimulus. By getting angry or disgusted about porn serves no purpose whatsoever – instead, live LOVE in your life, including in your bed.

The grass is green where you water it, rather than in the exotic land outside your relationship.  It is never greener outside the home. Great sex can be found in the marital bed IF both partners put effort into it and invest time into falling in lust with the one you wake up with.

But bored with the same person whom you wake up with day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year? Or is that person simply not ‘hot’ enough?



Sleep in another position instead on the bed – instead of sleeping on your partner’s chest, why not fall asleep with his head on your breast;

Better still, wake up in the 69 position;

Make unscheduled love in the kitchen, on the washing machine, in the backseat of your car – it is funny and sexy;

Sneak in a sexually suggestive message using explosive language into your usual texts;

Adopt a different persona in bed for spicing it up – change your looks, switch the passive-submissive role, blindfold, speak a different language;

Tell your partner about your fantasies and act it out!


Why watch porn when you can do all the above with someone who loves you? The actors paid to moan and groan can never match the voice of someone calling out your name in passion, and for me, the sexiest porn is watching my beloved in the throes of his passion and hearing my name on his lips.

Love does indeed keep it real ❤

The best sex is with the one who is in love with you and whom you have a life with.

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PS: Look at the image below about fighting porn. What I find interesting is that the movement chose two men as models, rather than the conventional sweet-looking heterosexual couple. Because porn does take the glow off love in ALL relationships.

About the movement: