When you were little, did your parents ever say to you, “Eat up! Don’t waste food! There are starving children in the world” ?

My parents didn’t quite use those words, but the sentiment was the same – we are so lucky to have all these food, be grateful, eat it, don’t waste.

In time, I became a parent and parroted those words. One of my children, the cheekier one, would hand me his half-eaten food and say, “Those starving children can have this, Mum.”

Of course, it is not possible, By the time the half-eaten bagel or ice-cream gets to India or Africa, it would have rotted. And the cost of sending it…..

Now, it is so easy. Humanwire has local volunteers and staff based in areas where there are refugees, and you can buy food for them at market price, at a click of a button. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, even toilet paper. And Humanwire doesn’t charge for this service – you have the option of contributing to delivery cost, but that’s all up to you. What the charity is focused on is getting what you donate straight to the family you choose …. and you get a personalised photo and thank you note back too.

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This is a Syrian family I am having’s link. The mother, Shatwa, is lovely. I got her on Skype last week, at a centre that Humanwire runs. Once upon a time, she had a lovely home, husband with a job and kids at university. Now she has to rely on donations to get by, as her sons (former dentistry and computer science students) work on menial jobs. Her daughter is trying to finish her education and I am trying to raise funds for her.

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Please click on this link. Anything goes a long way, even if it is two dozen eggs at $4. Humanwire is very helpful in getting things to the families. I am trying to get meat for them though it is difficult, but Humanwire is trying!  The volunteers are all so passionate about the cause.

And you know what, it makes me feel good inside by giving ❤

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