About three years ago, I developed pigmentation on the skin of my face, on my cheeks. And though I am not overtly bothered about aesthetics, these dark patches bothered me enough for me to do internet research on getting rid of them.

OMG. Bleaching. Laser.

Being the coward that I am, I was frightened off and decided that I had to live with it. It was very likely to be hormonal, I thought, as I was around 46 years old by then. Maybe menopausal, I thought. As I also had other challenges and issues in my life then, the patches faded into insignificance in my life.

Then bang, cancer hit. As the cancer I had was linked to my high oestrogen levels, those patches on my face could well be due to hormonal imbalance. November 2015 was when I was rebirthed. I overhauled my life completely, and today,  months after my all-clear and living a much happier, blessed life once more, I was surprised (maybe not) to find that my patches have faded quite a bit.  My skin looks a lot better, glowing even, though my diet has not changed at all – I always ate healthy. And I am now older too 🙂

This is nothing new or ground-breaking. There is this age-old wisdom which says that much of health, well-being and even glow comes NOT from medicine, good genes or good food, but from peace in the mind, peace in the heart and peace in the soul.

Start meditating today and move towards peace ❤

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