Today, I was fortunate enough to have lunch with my very dear friend, Anna.

Anna and I had known each other for about 20 years, though we don’t see that much of each other.

The best thing about our incredible friendship is that we come together in times of need to raise each other up above the drowning water line; it is our unspoken arrangement to be there always.

The main photo was taken in November/December 2015 when I was undergoing treatment.

Today, we laughed and joked and talked seriously. Anna said, when we are going through really bad times, we know who our real family is. Those who claim to be our kin and make grand promises disappear like a shot when the good times disappear. 

So really, bad times and tough challenges do have a purpose, namely to purge false people from our lives, so that we move forward carrying only those who are true to us and to themselves.

I am uplifted each time I see her. Here she is, on the main page of life

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 17.36.46

After our lunch, she text me this:


I am so grateful to move on with her and a few precious people like her in my life. We are all on different paths, travel with those who are going the same way, who will shine light for you instead of robbing you of your light. Say your goodbyes to those who do not belong, make your peace with those who betrayed you, and travel with joy with those who truly love you  ❤