Note: this is a religious post.

I mentioned in passing to some friends that I was unable to come for lunch on Sunday as I have church commitments for most of the day. A few expressed surprise, and someone said, “Where was God when I prayed desperately to him to save me?”

This was not the first time I heard this lament. I cannot answer for God but this was from my personal experience:

Way back in November 2015, I crawled from my hospital bed to church to pray every day. I lit enough candles to set the whole city of London alight, begging God and all the saints and martyrs entombed in Westminster Cathedral to give me back what was mine. “I have served so faithfully,” I begged. “Please answer my prayer.”

The sicker I got, the more I clung on to God.

Come on, God, I deserve some kindness from You!

But nope, God did not give me what I begged for and and what I lit hundreds of candles for.

Reason: he gave me something better. I looked round one day, and twelve inches from my elbow was my something better.

This is a beautiful saying from another faith, from the Dalai Lama.


(Photo above: Power of Positivity)

Main photo: the spot where my partner parked the car everyday when he drove me to Westminster Cathedral. By some strange force of nature, that spot was always empty, waiting for us.