You know the plumes of air in the sky by aeroplanes….I believe they are representative of the actions, words, thoughts and intentions you leave behind. And I think that’s how karma works, rather than the savage dog that bites you in the backside, sent by a cruel god.

Karma works because you create your reality. The reality you create hang like water vapour around you, and because the basis for life and everything we know is the result of the attraction of elementary particles, what you create attracts what you experience.

My psychologist friend says, in his evocative and beautiful way: Changing the words we use is the beginning to changing our hearts.

If you find you are entering the same wrong movie again and again, perhaps it is the energy you generate that attracts the same players albeit in different guises that traps you in the same script.  Because if you keep on doing something the same way, you would not get a new outcome. You are trapped in your matrix, until you change what you do.

That’s not black magic but just energetic manifestations. Do something deeply hurtful and damaging to someone (whether justified or not), that person’s energies will be concentrated on your actions, and his or her pain/suffering/anger belongs to you (there’s accountability). And it is powerful and real, because thoughts alone can move a bionic arm as medical science has shown.

I often wondered about people for whom only sunshine and goodness shower upon, despite the difficulties and challenges they face. They seem to be Good Luck on legs. I strongly believe it is down to the energy they put out: the good energy (actions, thoughts, intentions) they put out attracts good energy around them like bees to honey, and these people are like walking balls of sunshine, attracting goodwill wherever they went.

People who have been touched by their good energy also helps them to sustain their good fortune. For example, as I was getting on my flight to fly to Phuket, the name ‘Tbilisi’ came up on the screen next to my flight’s.

I immediately thought about my friend Irakli and his family, and mentally sent them my good wishes.  I pray that they will received abundance always; in fact, I didn’t have to pray as goodwill just burst forth from me whenever I think about them. Whenever I think of sitting in his mother’s home surrounded by his family – who immediately felt like my own family, though we did not have a common language – I feel warmth in my heart.  I learned to speak Georgian because I wanted to tell this family how much I loved being in their midst.

Irakli’s father died of cancer many years ago, and I am moved whenever I think about his memory of his father’s last days: Irakli had held his father’s frail frame in his arms and shaved for his father. He said he kissed his father’s forehead as his father slept, remembering his childhood. “I was always sitting on his shoulders, hanging on to his neck,” he reminisced fondly.

“My father loved us so much,” he said. And in return for that love, Irakli takes a very good care of his mother, his former wife, his daughter, his sister’s family, and his fellow countrymen. Yes, they are all on his shoulders, hanging on to his neck, and he is blessed by those he takes care of; someone unpleasant once said that he is rich because he is corrupted, which could not be further from the truth: he was totally clean, that was why he remained in a top job in a volatile world. His success comes from the good he does for others. When you have so many well wishers rooting for you, you can only be blessed with good fortune and happiness.

My dear Irakli, may the Long Time Sun shine on you always. You left a beautiful aeroplane plume in my world, thank you. I see that loveliness always in my heart.