All living things need sustenance, and that includes our Inner Beings, namely the part of us that makes us human Beings, rather than a collection of biological systems going through the motion of life.

I believe there’s a lot of correlation between the food for our “human” side and the food for our “being” side. Because you are what you eat. Eat joyously, eat good stuff and you grow into a chuckling, happy being emanating love and joy. Conversely, eat toxic food and you fall sick until one day, everything stops working. We are well-versed in the concept of good food and toxic food:

Good food: fresh, clean, natural, simple.

Toxic: processed, laden with additives, poisoned with pesticides.

Yet when it comes to food for our Inner Beings, we seldom follow these simple principles.

I, too have been fed my fair share of toxins in the past. I guess it is because when the soul needs feeding, we are often grateful for any food, rather than be selective. But in the end, it harms you, it kills your insides. Often, it manifests as illnesses to the physical body.

Today, I read what a Zen master purportedly said about toxicity. The traits include:

  1. Drama follows a toxic person. Because their internal chaos is reflected in their external world.
  2. They lack general tact and courtesy. They boast about their honesty so don’t even see the problem with using hard words to get what they want.
  3. It’s always about them.

The advice is to continue to treat them well and with compassion for their suffering. I think that’s very honourable, but sometimes, in real life, we have to say, ‘You aren’t feeding me any more shit.”

Or here’s a more elegant way of saying it:


At the root of it, there has to be a realisation and an acceptance that we cannot save everyone in the world. If there is only one person you save in your lifetime, and that person is you, that’s perfectly OK.

Eat well ❤