There’s a row of stalls opposite Gandaria Hospital in Jakarta that sell local Indonesian food.

I had always assumed that “bubur” is chicken porridge with rice and condiments, but there is sweet bubur too, which tastes a bit like the English breakfast porridge made with rolled oats and milk.

For sentimentality sake, I made this for my partner (through trial and error with lots of replacement ingredients). He wasn’t that impressed the first time round, probably because I put it in a Tupperware for his cycle trip and it had leaked all over his back. But now he loves it….served in a bowl for breakfast, that is 🙂


(1) I don’t know where to find “biji gandum” so I used either wheat berries or pearl barley.

(2) I don’t have coconut palm sugar so I used dark brown sugar, so mine appears paler.

(3) For a more authentic recipe, google “bubur gandum”.

My way:

(1) Soak a cupful of wheat berries / pearl barley overnight with a few pandan (screwpine) leaves. If you can’t find that, I suggest you use cinnamon stick, though the taste will be different.

(2) Boil everything for 30 minutes.

(3) Add one small carton of coconut milk. Stir into the mixture and heat for a few minutes.

(4) Add palm sugar to taste.

(5) Serve piping hot. I added hazelnuts and honey to mine.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.27.21

Eet smakelijk <3, Love from the “Indonesian” cook.