I currently live in Thailand and massages here are good and very reasonably priced, compared to my home country, UK.  The small massage place near my house in Phuket charges less than £4 for one hour of Thai massage, and I would pop in there regularly without a second thought.

Recently, when I was feeling under the weather, my partner gave me a face massage. It felt so different and the experience was so intimate and amazing.

“Where did you learn that?” I asked the next morning.

“I just traced the contours of your facial bones and outlined the musculature of your face,” he said modestly. “There’s no special technique behind it, Jac, just love.”

I returned the favour (combined with some yogic relaxation) and it was EXPLOSIVE! 

This is what I did:

  1. Washed my hands and prepared organic sweet almond oil with a few drops of lavender. I asked him to close his eyes and breathe the fragrance. Three deep breaths, surrendering.
  2. I started with tracing his jawbone slowly and firmly: my hands cupping his face, thumbs at the chin, moving towards his ears. Spend a few minutes doing this, to tune your body to his, to establish that physical connection. Breathe in his breath and give him yours.
  3. And then move to the cleft of his chin, the sensitive spot between his nostrils and lips, his cheekbones, using the pads of your thumbs. Trace his lips with your fingers firmly but gently.
  4. Place your fingers over each closed eye. VERY gently press with the pads of the fingers onto the lid, feeling the eye slowly move inward. Kiss his eyelids.
  5. Forehead, just above the eyebrows, working outwards and upwards, stroking, pressing gently, using palms then fingers, firm to light feathering strokes.
  6. Place your middle finger between the brows, place your other middle finger directly on top of it, and trace three small spirals with the two fingers, increasing the pressure as you go. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  7. Then head and hair. Linger, caress, pull gently. Throw Time out of the window. Just stroke and touch, and be guided by love.



  1. Use less oil. In fact, just massage oil into your hands, and this should suffice.
  2. Use the back of your hands for a gentler touch.
  3. Again, be guided by your feelings.