In readiness for our forthcoming house move, I had been disposing of our large furniture.  We now live without a proper dining table and with only one day bed in our main living room.

Just before the furniture went, I had a moment of weakness where I thought, would I compromise my family’s comfort and our wellbeing by getting rid of stuff prematurely? After all, we do have such a lovely home life.

But it goes on unchanged in our household, which makes me realise that we actually need very little to make us happy. We just think we need more.  Even without our dining table (a much-loved part of our household) we still managed to have happy family meals on a rickety make-shift table. And today, my daughter and I spend the whole day opposite each other doing her schoolwork. I love it.

But best of all, last night, out of necessity, she set herself up on the floor with a rug, blankets and cushions and created an impromptu “home theatre” out of nothing at all. I think there’s a Zen saying, about having nothing to find true happiness 🙂


Increasingly, with my near-zero income, I am finding that this is so true!! ❤

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 7.51.29.png