Nearly three years ago when I was ill, I started losing tufts of my hair and had two very distressing bald patches on my head.

Photo on 1-20-16 at 14.45

I know it was only hair and that I had more serious things to worry about, but the bald patches were yet another thing that went wrong with my life in that dark time of November 2015. I was almost suicidal.

I went from chubby-cheeked and healthy to walking skeleton within the space of less than a month. Even my boobs disappeared: they looked like depleted sacs.

My hairdresser Joey was brilliant. I saw him every week for three weeks. He cut a couple of inches off each week and washed my fragile tresses very gently. And he refused to charge me a single penny.

My soulmate held my hand as Joey cut my hair. He sourced this wig for me on the day I had to wear adult diapers. “New horizons, eh, Jac?” He said cheerfully, throwing the bag of adult diapers and wig onto my hospital bed.

The wig has a swinging full fringe, exactly the part of my hair that was sparse. I put both the diapers and the wig on, and we went out for lunch at the Fifth Floor, Harvey Nichols.

It was a disaster. I broke down in tears and he knocked over the cruets and wine glasses, watched by the elegant folks who lunched there. We didn’t have to pay for lunch that day.

But those days are long gone. I still have thinner hair on my temples and heaven forbid, they are grey!!!

But I found everything I had lost (and more!). Life is good again.

This barely worn wig is ready for a new owner. For a strong soul who is fighting the same battle I once did (we are all strong souls – it’s just that we forget sometimes).

I took it out today and put it on. It is so lovely; the colour, the cut, everything. It’s soft and so natural-looking!

Photo on 6-6-18 at 17.39.jpg

So if you are that strong, beautiful soul (or if you know one) who needs this wig, please send me a message. On the 16th of June, I will draw a name out of the hat. And I will post this wig to its new owner for free.

All I ask is that you promise me you will smile and believe that life will get better again.

Please do share this post. Help me make someone smile ❤